Tarte Beauty Haul | Make Believe in Yourself Collection

As soon as I laid my eyes on Tartes 2017 Make Believe collection I could not contain my excitement!! The entire fairytale set is a sensation, and I ended up ordering online at Tarte.com to get my hands on the irresistible limited edition unicorn horned brushes. I was so excited to open my package as soon as it arrived and happy to see the set come neatly wrapped in matching unicorn gift paper. 

I have to tell you that this is the collection of my DREAMS!!!  
           I like you more than unicorns and you know how much I like                                               UNICORNS  .... - www.ourdubailife.com (Click to tweet) 

Heres an overview of my Tarte Make Believe Haul ...

Magic Wands Brush Set: $39
I honestly was blown away by this stunning unicorn horned brushes. As soon as I saw the set online, I knew they were already mine! I am a Legend (film) fanatic - Born in the 80's I am obsessed with UNICORNS and all things acid RAINBOW. 

This stunning brush set has really exceeded my expectations regarding beauty, the only downside is that I cannot actually use these brushes as they are just they far too pretty. I instead tend to get them out clean them, admire them for some time and return them to the safety of my makeup station. 

Nevertheless, if you do intend to use them, here's the lowdown on what the set of 5 contains: 

+Magenta contour brush - A flat bristle brush used to create an entirely controlled contour, strobe, or highlight

+Pink powder brush - A sizeable fluffy brush for applying finishing powder
+Mint eyeshadow blending brush - A cute shadow brush used to define the creases of your eye or blending 
+Blue shading eyeshadow brush - A flat shading brush for base shadows 
+Purple liquid foundation brush - A dense brush for applying liquid foundations 

These fairytale limited edition brushes are vegan and cruelty-free, so no unicorns were harmed in the production of these ultra magical brushes. 

Make Believe in Yourself Eye & Cheek Palette: $40

A kaleidoscope palette which came straight from my eighties childhood. The palette contains a metallic jewel-toned colour wheel of eyeshadows, with a centre pearly highlighter. The colours and textures are fantastic. I usually opt for a more muted look and often go for a splash of colour, using the beautiful shadows in the inner corner of my eyes or to under the lower lash line for a lovely eye-popping look. 

This fantastic palette includes 10 shades the majority of which are metallic pigmented shimmers, except for one lone matte shade? Not sure why they only added one single matte shade but the formulas are fantastic, and with Tarte's trademark Amazonian clay formula, the pretty eyeshadow does stay in place all day.  

The shadow Colour wheel contains the following shades :  

+Believe' highlighter

+Myth (matte shadow) 

Spellbound Glow Rainbow Highlighter: $30
I love this soft etherial mini palette, which contains four lovely pastel shades of highlighter in shades - pale lilac / pale pink pure white and a pale champagne. Swirled into a pastel mess, you end up with a gorgeous iridescent glow. I was obsessed with the rainbow highlighter thing that swept the internet last year but never managed to get my hands on one or have the time to make my own DIY set, so was pretty happy to see Tarte include a little pastel rainbow highlighter with this collection. 

The packaging is a little lacklustre compared to the other gems of the collection, but I am happy with the actual product which is muted pastel highlighter. The shade is not by any means a highlighter beacon (seen from outer space) but instead a beautiful understated affair. I usually tend to sweep in lightly and focus on the upper cheekbone and outer eyesockets for a muted look. 

Tarteist Pro Glitter Liner - Rose Gold and Gold: $24

I fell in love with this perfect rose-gold shade eyeliner and so also grabbed the stunning gold shade. On one end you get a metallic liquid shade in a metallic rose gold or Gold and on the other end a brush-on rose-gold or Gold glitter. I love the intensity and can be mixed or worn solo. 

I'll let in on a little secret, I am terrible at doing my own liquid eyeliner, so have instead made my wonderful and super artistic hubby become a master at perfecting the cat-eye flick if you ask him he will agree that the applicator precision is spot on. 

Make Believe In Yourself: Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint: $20
This inexpensive, super matte liquid lipstick in the shade - Festival Nude is impressive! I steered clear of the mint shade and opted for this gorgeous nude mauve. Like all of us, I am forever searching for perfect nude tones and have to tell you that this is pretty perfect, the colour is a slightly darker nude, and I find this is my go-to everyday lipstick. I love the formula, which is rapid drying and leaves no mess, streaks or transfer and the applicator which is a weird thing I know to single out, but it is really precise and helps me create a perfect lip even in the early morning when I am still half asleep.

I didn't pick up the glitter as there is not much cause to cover yourself in glitter here in Dubai, which is a shame ... but honestly, I do dream about getting my hands on the Make Believe In Yourself Vault which contains the entire collection for my makeup display

Come on TARTE team hear my pleas ...  

I was honestly blown away by this collection I know the haul is a little late, but this set is still worth raving about! 

The team at Tarte have really outdone themselves with this magical collection and fingers crossed we will see a part 2 in the not so distant future?? 


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