Reasons To Love | The Farsali Skin Care Range

You know when you found some fantastic skincare when you won't use anything else but the Farsali beauty range!

I've been using them non-stop since spotting them in my local Dubai nail salon around 5 months ago and even find myself replenishing my stock before running out, that’s how amazing these skin-perfecting vials of goodness are! 

I didn't miss the social media hype around this brand at the beginning of 2017, but I do usually tend to let mass hysteria clear up before I jumped on the bandwagon. Nevertheless being a big fan of skincare and skin oils it didn't take long before I took the plunge and got the full range;

Very glad I didn't shy away from this brand for too long!

My Skin type: Combination 

First off let me tell you that I'm obsessed with all three offerings from Farsali, which have firmly formed part of my daily routine. 

I find all three products provide the much-needed nourishment for my sandblasted skin and surely the packaging alone is undoubtedly worth the splurge? The three little designer bottles which look almost medicinal with their pipet style dispensers are beautiful and even though you don't get a massive amount of product, with the right amount of usage they should last at least 3 months. 

                 Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle!                                                                                        - Erno Laszlo               
Heres the lowdown of these little holy grails and why I highly rank Fairsali :

The unicorn essence's unique formula not only preps skin for makeup application but it also helps protect the skin from damage. The product is packed antioxidants like a├žai and goji berry as well as vitamin C, which encourages a brighter more even skin tone. 

I use this one as a primer, before applying my makeup and start my routine by pipetting 4 drops over the face and massage liberally around the eye area and down the neck. The magical pink sparkly formula not only gives a smoother base for foundation but keeps your makeup in place and prevents creasing.

If you're anything like me and love all things Unicorn, please do check out my Tarte Unicorn Brush review here!

DETAILS:  Ideal for all skin types. Oil / Sulphates & Parabens Free. 

USAGE: Apply to clean skin before moisturiser - For best results use as a makeup primer
SCENT: Sweet light Aroma.


This is a natural beauty oil which works for all skin types and helps the skin look radiant, and main ingredients include rosehip seed oil, pumpkin oil, 24K gold flakes, vitamin E, lemongrass oil and orange peel. 

I use this oil as part of my morning makeup routine and pipet three small drops of the oil onto my foundation, which I apply with a beauty brush. The formula liquifies my foundation and ensures my makeup looks flawless and reduces cakiness. The elixir smells fantastic (a sweet citrus scent), and I find brightens my skin and enhances my makeup by providing the right amount of dewiness which doesn't make the skin overly oily. 

DETAILS: Ideal for all skin types. 

USAGE: Apply to face and neck - For best results apply in the morning to your foundation
SCENT: Pleasant, uplifting citrus aroma.

This volcanic Elixir oil is extracted from the nut kernels of the Tamanu fruit which flourishes in the south pacific islands of Polynesia. Volcanic ash provides a vast amount of nutrients and minerals into the soil and makes the tamanu fruits oil high in nutritional value.

This oil is super hydrating which is ideal for night time use. I apply to face and neck before going to bed, and wake up looking fresh and revived, however, be WARNED the smell is like running through a souk covered in cooking oil and rubbing all sorts of spices into your skin ... which honestly takes quite a while to get used to! This thick oil has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces redness and blemishes. 

DETAILS: Ideal for all skin types, great for acne-prone skin. 

USAGE: Apply to face and neck - For best results use before going to bed
SCENT: Powerful earthy spicy aroma.


Using all three of these products have made my skin look brighter and feel sofer. I'm lucky that I don't suffer from many skin breakouts but any little blemishes I do get, seem to disappear pretty quickly and I have to owe that to my skincare routine which these wonder products form part off.  

Farsali products feel luxurious, and I find them to be a great staple to my beauty regime, the results are undeniable without majorly breaking the bank and definitely worth all the hype!

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading and please check out more of my beauty posts

Have you tried Farsali and whats your thoughts on this range?


Please note all opinions are my own and this post is not sponsored in way shape or form;

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