10 January Goals / Resolutions

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Happy New Year to you all! 

Today I thought would be a great day to share my goals in my electronic journal, for the new year ahead!

I hate new year resolutions per se, to me they are just overreaching tasks that everyone likes to break, but goals I figure are a bit more reasonable so here are my 2018 GOALS!

Cheers to this being a fantastic YEAR! 


 1. Blog Growth 
I did it, I took the first step and made my blog and continued to stick with it! I am impatient, so getting established is a task in itself, but I'm here an ready to put in all the work necessary to grow my blog. 

Blog growth, in general, is a HUGE goal and this being my first year of blogging, I want to continue producing content that's varied and keeps you coming back for more. I'll be focusing on #Beauty and #Lifestyle with splashes of #staycations / #travel as my core content, and as my life ambition is to become a full-time blogger/writer, I will continue to work as hard as possible.

2. Free Product Review or Paid Reviews  
I would love to team up with a global and cool indie brands that share the same ethos as myself. Getting to do a paid or freebie product reviews for upcoming posts, would be amazing. 

I am keen on becoming a proper influencer and working in the industry, so if you are interested in working with me, please contact me at mail@ourdubailife.com 

3. Be a regular InfluensterME voxbox  
I enjoy the Influenster community and continue to make my presence on the site known and already reviewed 19 products. My current impact score has increased to a healthy 29054 IMPACT and nine badges.

I got selected for the second ever VOXBOX Arabia voxbox - Max Factor Arabia VoxBox and was overjoyed, but unfortunately never received it :( (I plan on investing in a personal PO BOX, to ensure I get my prize in the future) but won't give up and hope to get chosen again shortly. 

4. 1500 Instagram Followers 
I have raised my Instagram game by posting on a regular basis and increasing my followers which is now up to 1200.  My Instagram is looking much healthier and more themed, and as an avid photographer, I am glad my style is starting to stand out.

I do still, however, dream about deleting all my earlier photographs and starting again in a more cohesive style and this is something I am seriously considering as I feel this will define my style/brand? Love to hear your thoughts and experiences with starting over.

5. Blog posts 3 x per week  
I am looking to maintain my posting consistency, which went a bit awry in December. I aim to upload at least two blog posts per week of photogenic & creative content. 

Please do follow me on my RSS /Blog and my social media links are dotted all around my blog (shameless plug) I'm always looking to make new friends, and so please do come back and subscribe and comment. 

6. Blogger / WordPress transition 
I am currently on the blogger platform with my domain name. I have rebranded my site which I am happy with, but cannot help thinking about moving over to the WordPress platform. 

I have so much great stuff about WordPress and this month I have decided to review the pro and cons of the move and decide on my blog platform future. 


1. Privelee card owner
Privelee is a Dubai membership club which gives unlimited, exclusive access to the UAE’s best beach clubs, most beautiful luxury resort, plush pools, private beaches,  gyms and tennis courts.  Ever since reading about the Privilee membership,  I have dreamed about getting my hands on the hottest card in town, so I can too enjoy visiting some of the most beautiful hotels and beaches in Dubai and blog about the experience. 

2. Bucket List / Travel
So this year I have decided to put together a Bucket List and start ticking off some of those big life dreams which include visiting Japan and a romantic night swim in the Burj Al Arab;

2018 is the year to dream big and achieve the dream, and that's precisely what I plan on doing! 

3. Yoga
I have always toyed with the idea of taking up Yoga, but this year I have decided actually to go out and find a beginners class. 

I love the idea of taking some me time to harmonise my body and mind.

4. Walk-in wardrobe 
Ok, so my last GOAL is almost attainable but been a distant dream for the past five years! So my luxury collection is getting much more significant (thanks to the best husband in the world) but have always dreamed of having a walk-in closet to house my stunning and perfect luxury bag collection. 

I pin about them, watch endless youtube video's about them, and even on the sly design the perfect closet complete with floor to ceiling shelving /glass fronted accessories cabinet and don't forget the gold thumbprint lock (Yes I have found them and been to see them in person) 

Gahhh the struggle is real, and the fact we have renewed our tenancy has halted this dream goal for at least another year, but a girl can dream can't she? 

There you have it there are my 2018 goals all written down, so much easier to stick too 
(well, that's my story, and I am sticking to it!) 

Hope you have a fantastic year ahead and love to hear about your goals for 2018! 


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