My Luxury Handbag Collection My Luxury Handbag Collection

My name is Hayley, and I am a full blown designer handbag addict.

I make no apologies for my vice and am fortunate to have a beautiful ever-growing collection, thanks to the #besthubbyever 

This post is very personal to me, and I am delighted to show off my designer handbag collection, which may I add are never going anywhere, these babies are with me for life!


Everybody that knows me knows that I’m obsessed with handbags and in the last three years, I had the real means to fund this habit. I still only buy bags to add to my capsule collection that I truly love and will continue use.

My style is pretty classic with an edgy or vintage twist, and I gravitate toward timeless pieces that complement my outfits and lifestyle. I tend to lean more toward the more significant structured, masculine bags with a little femininity.

Bags are my treasures, and nothing sends my pulse racing like a new gem to add to my forever collection.

I'll be doing a review of each bag separately with the info and backstory to each bag and so without further ado, welcome to an overview of my collection. 


As you can see, I gravitate to the classic colours in a very structured style, I am really looking to add some neutral & blush pink bags to my collection. 

Any suggestions? My Luxury Handbag My Luxury Handbag My Luxury Handbag Collection

Here's my collection in no particular order -

+ Saint Laurent Large Envelope Chain Bag Matelasse Leather 

+ GUCCI Cuir Padlock Leather Top-Handle Satchel Bag 

+ CHANEL Black Maxi Jumbo XL Vintage Classic 

+ LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Canvas Raspail MM Bag

 + PRADA Vitello Daino Calf Shopping Tote 

+ GUCCI GG Supreme Coated Canvas Top Handle Satchel Bag

+ VERSACE Large Signature Bag in Black Leather

+ CULT GAIA Gaia's Ark Small Chesnut My Luxury Handbag Collection
I will be doing separate posts of each bag with a review and the backstory of how and why these are in my collection. 

In the meantime, if you do have any questions, please let me know.  

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 Let me know your thought on my collection and what's your favourites?


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