10 Things I Want | November Wishlist

November Wishlist : Top 10 Things I'm Coveting This Month!

                                Must work harder, so I can shop HARDER!                                                         -Hayley www.Ourdubailife.com (Click to tweet)  

£1750 / 8900 AED 
As you already know my obsession with Gucci is real, so it's unusual to find some Gucci goodies on my wishlist in some form or another. I'll start with the stunning Gucci Padlock Leather Top Handle Satchel Cuir Bag, reminiscent of a Hermes Kelly Bag this structured beauty is a classic bag that exudes elegance. The bag in GG supreme has been on my wishlist for a while and on a recent luxury outlet shopping at Bicester Village, I was extremely lucky to find this dream bag in plain brown leather - Yay! Bicester Haul and Gucci Bag post here;

£435 / 2200 AED 
The only problem with buying a new bag is the need to get all the accessories to match. This gorgeous GG supreme French wallet, although not an exact match is still pretty close. I looked at this purse a few months ago when I got my other Gucci satchel but ended up purchasing the zip around. The purses in the MOE Gucci store were scratched, so didn’t fill me with a lot of confidence about the wallets durability however that now out the window as it matches my new bag really well and with the classic print add's a nice little twist.

£130 / 650 AED 
The card case is an exact match of the above Supreme wallet and slim enough to fit inside the wallet if necessary or take alone if the wallet is not needed. Added to my wishlist, as would this would complete the set.

: £24 per lipstick / 116 AED 
Charlotte Tilbury makeup is so glamorous and ever since her luxury cosmetic debut, I have wanted to add some of the stunning makeup to my collection. Whilst I was in the UK the popup was available in Bicester Village, so I managed to grab the sets I had my eye on which included the Nude Kate and Penelope Pink lipstick shades. Check out my Bicester Haul hereThe creamy long-lasting formula is lovely and makes a change to the matte shades that dominate my makeup station.

£329 / 1590 AED 
I've been looking for a nice pair of earrings ever since I let my stretched earlobe on my left ear close up. I was lucky that my ear nearly fully returned to normal size hole, so I can now wear studded earrings. I like the look of these classic gold and diamond studs which are reasonably priced and can be worn every day. 

£48 / 230 AED 
Marc Jacobs beauty range is lovely, especially the coconut range and now have my eye on this tantastic bronzer from the beauty range; I have been a bit unlucky that I can never find a good shade of bronzer or one that looks flawless on my skin, I have high hopes for this one and read some great reviews so added to my wishlist for the month. 

$69.00 / 256.94 AED 
I have been searching high and low for a nice pair of shoes to match with my new bag, it been a difficult to find a pair of block heel sandals in the correct shade of CUIR, however this pair from Steve Madden (we have a few store in the UAE) looks like a really good colour match so hope they may be available. Now I am back in the UAE I can start looking. 

£280.00 / 1,362.89 AED 
I'm a spooky kid still at heart and skull designs do it for me! (Only now it's usually the lux kind, haha) This Alexander McQueen Enamel Skull Button Bangle Bracelet matches my Hermes black clic-clac H bangle perfectly (a little stacking never hurt anyone) and I can't wait to show them off together! I managed to pick this up on my recent trip to Bicester, so check out Bicester Haul here;

£100.00 / 497.00 AED 
With one whiff of this stunning fragrance, I was hooked. The ‘REPLICA’ collection’s first feminine and masculine fragrance which blends smoky woods and grilled chestnuts notes,  perfect for winter months! Although it doesn't get very cold in the winter months here in the UAE, the warm notes are comparable to the signature middle eastern scents of OUD. My favourite fragrances all seem to encompass subtle winter’s cold contrast notes with comforting glowing warmth and need this perfume in my collection;

£9.99 / 48.50 AED 
I have a small but stunning collection of Chanel, Hermes, Gucci and Versace silk scarfs and one Louis Vuitton cotton shawl, all of which you can tie in many fabulous ways! What better way to learn how to tie them than in this compact book. They say to never judge a book by its cover, however, this book has a silk scarf cover (Hermes inspired), so looks and feels the part. The book style is beautiful and the contents simple, which I can use this for inspiration whenever I need it.

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Hope you enjoyed my Nov edition wishlist! What's on your monthly wishlist?


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