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Today I'm sharing with you our escapades and haul from the world famous luxury outlet venue: Bicester Village located in Oxfordshire England; As I type this blog post sitting on an Emirates A380 flight back home to Dubai, after nearly three weeks away from the desert (which seems like an eternity), it will be hard going back to highs of 38 degrees from the lows of 8 degrees.

Luxury handbags and accessories are my no 1 vice and so try to instead buy a few select HIGH-END products in a year than multiple high street bags & accessories. To partially feed my vice and save our bank balance, I've been visiting the luxury retail village Bicester Village since 2013. With shops like Gucci, Saint Laurent, Celine, Alexander McQueen, Chloe, Mulberry, Versace and Prada all offering good discounts, up to 60% off, I highly recommend a trip to Bicester Village!

Dubai is the home of high-end luxury shopping but prices can be higher than America and Europe, so it's worth considering picking up big-ticket items at the airport if travelling or outside of the country and this autumn whilst in England, my hubby drove us up to the village for his birthday and we were able to pick up some really good bargains. 

I'll be posting the prices retail vs what was paid so you can understand the kind of deals you can get if you shop smart at these types of outlet stores;

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Vivienne Westwood 
With my hubbies birthday coming up, I was looking to buy him a  wallet and belt or some accessories, with nothing taking his fancy in Gucci or Prada, we decided to browse Vivienne Westwood; 

Vivienne Westwood is an iconic English designer whos designs heavily focus on history and British style. Her traditional style is more suited for the colder climates think heavy tartan and tweed in a modern twist but her accessories are seasonal universal;

We ended up buying a gorgeous blue saffiano wallet and two beautiful ties, I wanted to get the tie pin, but it wasn't available in Gold.  I also spotted this incredible Orb necklace, which I've always wanted and for the price, it was a steal; 

 + Orb Blue Saffiano Wallet: Retail £100 | Paid £64
 + Gold Orb Tie:  Retail £90 | Paid £42
 + Grey Tie:  Retail £70 | Paid £30
 + Vivienne Westwood Mayfair 3D large orb pendant:  Retail £160.00 | Paid £95

Charlotte Tilbury 
With her first Dubai shop not opening until early 2018, I haven't been able to add to my vast makeup collection anything by the glamourpuss herself Charlotte Tilbury. I was fortunate that the Charlotte Tilbury popup store was in Bicester during Nov - until Dec, so couldn't wait to pick up a few items. 

Honestly, with the number of ladies carrying the stunning oxblood CT shopping bags around, it won’t be long before she gets a permanent shop in the village! I walked out with a few of the reasonably priced gift sets that included both the lipsticks I wanted. Cannot wait to use and display these pretties;

+ Smoky Eyes makeup set: Retail £55 | Paid £32
+ FIRST LOVE Exclusive Lipstick and Blusher Set: Retail £50 | Paid £25

Alexander McQueen
I'm a spooky kid at heart, and skull designs do it for me! (Only now it's usually the lux kind, haha) When I walked past the Alexander McQueen store, I couldn't resist a browse.

Low and behold there it was, all pristine and encased behind the glass accessories display this stunning black enamelled skull bangle, which happens to match my Hermes black clic-clac H bangle perfectly (a little stacking never hurt anyone) I was instantly sold and so was this bracelet!

+ Enamel Skull Button Bangle Bracelet: Retail £ 260.00 | Paid £110

The cosmetic company store, situated in the middle of Bicester village square, stocks cosmetic and beauty brands such as Clinique, Estee Lauder, Glamglow, Tom Ford and Mac 

I wanted to buy a few of the lovely Tom Ford lipsticks, and at £20 each these were a terrific value, but there were far too many girls going loopy and grabbing handfuls for my liking, so I respectfully declined the discount and moved over to the quieter area harbouring the MAC cosmetics/lipsticks. I only picked up the beigey-pink shade -Jubilee (a perfect nude shade) as I have my eye on the new Xmas collection, I refrained from buying any more MAC until I have inspected the Snowball collection;

+ Jubilee Lipstick: Retail £16.50 | Paid £8

Now I have purposefully saved the very best purchase until last and here is the FINALE …

As you may already know, my heart currently belongs to Gucci, and secretly I had hoped to add another handbag to my collection; 

I was fortunate in May during my last visit to get my hands on most lovely Gucci satchel bag (which by the way nearly caused a shop frenzy!) while holding the bag in my hand a tourist tried to grab the bag from me but I won! 

Stay tuned as I'll be posting my Gucci collection soon. 

Guess what it happened again (minus the bag swiping attempt) and I got lucky again and managed to find another stunning bag! As soon as we walked in, from the top shelf this beauty (reminiscent of a Kelly) grabbed both of our attention 

Within seconds my hubby was already asking to view the handbag, and as it was on the highest shelf in the shop, it was not particularly visible. She was immaculate, and I had to have her!

+ Gucci Padlock Leather Top-Handle Satchel Cuir Bag: Retail £1450 | Paid £800

+ Gucci GG cotton scarf: Retail £180 | Paid £110

I am delighted with my purchases and am thrilled to get my hands on my new unique GUCCI bag!

The village looked so Christmassy and filled with so many beautiful items at reasonable prices that I would highly recommend a visit.

Shop my haul or pretty similar here :
Hope you enjoyed and please let me know what is your favourite item out of my Bicester shopping haul?


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