Autumn English Holiday | Visual Diary Part 2

Welcome back to the second part of my Autumn English Holiday Visual Diary. I begin this post on day 23rd and cover our trips until the 30th October; 

I'll be doing a separate blog post about a fantastic shopping trip we went on yesterday Halloween (Hubby's birthday) to the luxury retail outlet Bicester Village and showing my stunning luxury haul -Epic goodies YAY!! 

         I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers  -L.M Montgomery  

Welcome to Pt 2 of my visual diary of our travels between 23rd-30th OCT 2017 

+ 23rd October: Petworth House
My mum came across Petworth house on a 'best places to visit in the UK' website and the adventurers we are, we jumped into the hire car to explore what promised to be a beautiful manor house and gardens. The magnificent 17th-century mansion located in Petworth village West Sussex is a little tricky to find, but once we decided to ignore the sat nav, we eventually located the entrance to the estate. 

We chose a perfect gloomy autumn day to visit, and the sprawling mansion and beautiful gardens, transformed in the 1750s by the legendary by ‘Capability’ Brown set against the bleak autumn sky looked ominous and cinematic;

+ 25th October: Hever Castle and Edenbridge 
Hever Castle is one of my favourite places to visit when back in England. We've nearly visited in all seasons except Winter, so hopefully, next year we will be going back for Christmas and hope to see Hever all snowy!

This trip was during the English school half-term, and with Halloween close approaching, it was pretty busy with very excitable kiddies, so we didn't get to thoroughly enjoy it due to the bustle, however with that said it was a lovely brisk and bright day, and I  managed to get some beautiful shots;

 + 26th October: Arlington  
We decided to go back over to Abbots Wood on the 26th for a picnic and trek through the forest. 

A short visit turned into a 3-hour hike and 6 miles later (yes we got lost and took a huge detour) - After we emerged from the woods, we came out somewhere we didn't recognise which turned out to be about another 2 miles away from where we parked the car. With 1 hour of daylight remaining, a lovely lady from the forestry association who was passing and offered to take us back to the carpark. Saviour 

+ 28th & 30th October: Lake District Park & Ullswater 
We saved the best road trip for last and headed off on a whim up to the Lake District, not a journey for the fainthearted, as took around 7 hours by car to get up to the Lake District. 

We set off at 6.30 am from the South East, and it was a long trip, but pretty fun with lots of service station breaks but boy oh boy was it worth it and all I can say is BREATHTAKING

Hope you enjoyed my part 2 diary of our UK holiday!

Please stay tuned for my upcoming Bicester Haul to follow shortly. 


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