Jeffree Star Haul | Highlight on Fleek - Jeffree Star Haul Peach goddess Skin Frost

I honestly couldn't hide my excitement when I accidentally came across Jeffree Star cosmetics in Abu Dhabi, on a random shopping trip over Christmas. 

I was hooked right from the start - Hence my super high pitched squeak when I happened across the treasure trove of stock and envisaged this candy cane shoot for the holidays!

I'm a big fan of the beautiful androgyny of Jeffree Starr, I mean who couldn't be captivated by his 'Bowie Manson Almond Luxury' self' and always wanted to try out his cosmetics range.

Super excited that I have a stockist on my doorstep and beats me having to purchase online. 

The brilliant eighties plastic packaging is straight out of my magical childhood (which in itself is a winner for me) and paired with the fantastic name choices, I mean that's a dream job in itself coming up with weird and wonderful makeup colour names.

CLEMENTINE: Agent Orange! I came up with that one. I apply my personality in a paste. 

On my shopping frenzy, I picked up the skin frost highlighter in 'Peach Goddess' and two of the matte liquid lipsticks in shades 'Rose Matter' and 'Mannequin'. - Jeffree Star Haul Peach goddess Skin Frost

Heres my thoughts on my purchases - 

+ SKIN FROST: PEACH GODDESS : $29 - Jeffree Star Haul Peach goddess Skin Frost

This stunning highlighter came in this giant fuschia pink compact, with brilliant sized mirror and filled with a gorgeous light rose gold highlighter. 

I'm impressed and found it to be a complimentary shade, perfect against a sunkissed complexion and equally as important, no fallout. - Jeffree Star Haul Peach goddess Skin Frost
When I applied it onto my skin with my Zoeva luxe fan highlighter brush, it blended so well that I couldn't resist but to re-apply and ended up beaming, which Jeffree himself would have been proud! 

This highlighter is incredibly pigmented, so a little will reach the glowing heights of 'Highlight on Fleek' and used wet or dry you end up with a ridiculous and super iridescent glow. - Jeffree Star Haul Liquid lipstick Mannequin and Rose Matter

These matte lipsticks are fantastic, and the formula is perfect. Expect a transfer, but still, the colour is longlasting and not overly drying. 'Rose Matter' is a beautiful soft neutral dusky pink shade, and when applied to exfoliated lips this lipstick applies like a dream. 

Mannequin is a dark nude and looks terrific with a dark liner or by itself. Forever searching for a perfect nude shade, I have found a brilliant repeat purchase with this lipstick.

I instantly fell in love this shade and find the colour to be natural and flattering on my medium fair complexion. - Jeffree Star Haul Liquid lipstick Mannequin and Rose Matter

I will be checking out the rest of the stock and have my sights on the SKIN FROST: ICE COLD and LIQUID LIPSTICKS in shades 'Doll parts' 'Deceased' and 'I'm Nude'.

What do you guys think of Jeffree Star cosmetic range and what products/shades do you recommend next? 


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