Luxury Birthday Presents YSL Handbag | Happy New Year

Today is my birthday, Yes, that's right, I'm born on the 1st January NEW YEARS DAY!  

The day that most people are nursing themselves back to life, I'm busy moaning about getting older and opening presents! 

There are lots pros and cons of having a birthday that everyone else is also celebrating, with the hysteria surrounding 'New Years' people are out having fun, so the parties are great and not to mention the fireworks at midnight (BIG PRO) Generally however, everyone is a bit miserable suffering from Xmas blues and not to mention poor after Christmas, so I did tend to end up with joint Xmas and Birthday presents, and instead of hearing Happy Birthday on MY big day, I only get Happy New Year instead (CON) 

I'm not going to lie I tend to suffer from a mild strain of birthday blues, and now in my early 30's, these blues are getting a little more prevalent, but after the inevitable moan about getting older is over, I'm eager to get on and continue my birthday celebrations. Having your birthday on New Years Day, the world feels a little quieter especially early morning! I have never suffered from a hangover, so even after the most substantial of evenings the night before I'm always up bright and early the next mornings ready but something tells me that the rest of the world may not be so lucky!

Now the critical part, onto my presents - I'm on a YSL buzz right now (if you couldn't tell) so here's the low down on what I got this year, make sure to check out my X-mas Haul as these babies go with my main present - Hooray! YSL luxury Birthday Haul MATELASSÉ Wallet and Opyum YSL Crocodile Brooch YSL luxury Birthday Haul Monogram Matelasse Wallet

Every year my immediate family have to put in extra effort to make me feel special, and being an expat and living so far from home, this job falls solely on my beautiful hubby. He does a great job of making me feel extra special and again triumphed continuing his reign of HASHTAG: #besthubbyever YSL luxury Birthday Haul Opyum YSL Crocodile Brooch


Hope you had a wonderful New Years Eve and have a Fantastic and Prosperous NEW YEAR ahead for 2018! 


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