Introducing My Cult Gaia ARK Bag THE CULT GAIA ARK BAG

If you haven't seen or heard the hype surrounding 2017 / 2018 'IT' bag CULT GAIA ARK I'd pretty surprised. Founded in 2012 by Jasmin Larian, the Cult Gaia aesthetic is a chic, bohemian style and this is a classic standout design from her collection and a real bag lovers bag.

This highly coveted bamboo summer bag just landed in Dubai, and much to my excitement the #besthubbyever decided to surprise me with my highly pinned thingspiration gem;

In a country where it's always summer, this beautiful, sustainable bamboo beauty, with its gorgeous, simplistic design, can be loved and adored all year round! I find myself just staring at this almost architectural piece which is proudly displayed in my bedroom, to be revered when not busy in use. THE CULT GAIA ARK BAG

My gorgeous ARK is in the darkest stained chestnut bamboo,  matches my style and colour palette entirely, in the medium size (which is sized small) and measures 11" x 3" x 8." 

This bag is big enough to carry all my summer essentials like wallet, lip balm, sunglasses and sunscreen; 

I love how effortlessly cool this bag is, which is based on the traditional Japenese picnic bag. The ARK is sturdy and sophisticated in design and pretty easy to dress up or down. I really love the shape and how versatile it is, which makes a perfect Dubai brunch or vacation bag and will be accompanying me to my upcoming staycation to Tilal Liwa in a few days. THE CULT GAIA ARK BAG THE CULT GAIA ARK BAG

I highly recommend this gorgeous carryall, which is not going anywhere and still doing the rounds on Instagram. I find the bag reasonably priced and I definitely will be picking up the large tortoiseshell Ark for my next buy from this brand.


What are your thoughts on the Cult Gaia Ark Bag?


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