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Gucci GG supreme Bee Espadrilles

You may have already read my Gucci Bloom Espadrille review and to be honest they are one of the best shoe purchases I have ever made, so when I saw the new Bee GG supreme Espadrilles online, I knew I had to have them. 

My luxury collection is ever growing, but these shoes are not just for show, they get a lot of wear. The durability and comfort make these espadrilles my choice of footwear in a country that's always summer!

Let me show you what I mean...

Gucci GG supreme Bee Espadrilles

Gucci GG supreme Bee Espadrilles

My Gucci Blooms have rarely been out of use over the past several months and are holding up really well, with no visible damage except the obligatory slight stretch. I like to pair my them with a pair of blue or black jeans and white or fuschia shirt, and they look effortlessly chic but casual. 

My colour palette of choice, however, is and will always be timeless classic black, so I have been dreaming of a pair of black trimmed classic GG print espadrilles. When I spotted the newly released GG supremes online, I couldn't wait to try them! 

Luckily my local Gucci in the Mall of the Emirates had a few pairs in stock, so I wasted no time picking them up, although not cheap, they are more reasonably priced than others in the world of designer espadrilles;

Gucci GG supreme Bee Espadrilles

The gorgeous black leather trim and gold Bee design in metallic gold over the classic GG canvas make these shoes stand out from the crowd.

The rubber soles and coated canvas can withstand the sand and heat without any problem and not to mention they are comfortable and easy to dress up or down for Dubai days or nights. The espadrilles have been slightly improved, and the sizing has become more accurate.

For my previous pair of Gucci espadrilles in the Bloom design,  I upsized to 39.5. I wear a UK size 5.5, and these fit me perfectly;

For these new Bee Espadrilles, the 39.5 were actually too big, and I had to downsize to a 39, which were a perfect and still manage to provide a little natural wiggle room.


Check out the range at the Gucci website and can be picked up to 1,700 AED or £335 

I'm in love with my new shoes, and I would highly recommend these beauties to anyone looking to buy a designer pair of espadrilles.

What are your thoughts and what do you have your eye on this month?


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