Desert Staycation | Tilal Liwa Luxury Resort Staycation Guide to Abu Dhabi

There is absolutely nothing that me and the #besthubbcyever love more than treating ourselves to a few days away from the hustle and going on a staycation, for some much-needed R&R!

After a hectic few months, we decided a well-earnt break was needed, so we headed over to  to find a perfect getaway!

Initially we considered flying to Sri Lanka and being a mere 4-hour flight from Dubai and high on my bucket list, this seemed like an excellent choice of destination, but honestly, we had to ask ourselves what did we want from this trip? And the answer was, again and again, RELAXATION!

Ultimately we decided against flying and instead chose to take a road trip (one of our favourite things to do) over to the western region of Abu Dhabi for a luxury desert staycation.

We packed up our suitcase and my new LV Raspail to the brim with all sorts of home comforts - check out my staycation essentials post for a peek at my recommendations and drove the 3-hours to the secret 4* desert hideaway Tilal Liwa Staycation Guide to Abu Dhabi Staycation Guide to Abu Dhabi

Why Abu Dhabi? Why Tilal Liwa? 

Abu Dhabi is a brilliant capital city, and as you know, we already spend most of our weekends here just exploring the city! Abu Dhabi has such a peaceful atmosphere which feels much calmer than Dubai, and we still manage to find some surprising places and things to adore every time we visit. 

Tilal Liwa situated a further 2-hour drive from the capital is set on the edge of the Rub' Al Khali desert, and this chic resort offers relaxation and isolation in abundance, which suites us perfectly! Staycation Guide to Abu Dhabi Staycation Guide to Abu Dhabi Staycation Guide to Abu Dhabi Staycation Guide to Abu Dhabi
Itinerary for our stay 

The primary objective was relaxation and just taking time for ourselves, and this beautiful resort can offer that in so many ways and delivered! Staycation Guide to Abu Dhabi Staycation Guide to Abu Dhabi Staycation Guide to Abu Dhabi

We chose to spend most of our days lounging by the stunning infinity pool which overlooks the endless desert and just exploring the grounds, which are just as amazing with authentic Bedouin tented areas for you to sit and enjoy your evening meal, drinks or shisha. Staycation Guide to Abu Dhabi

The lush garden areas are glorious, and this tropical paradise set against the backdrop of the endless golden desert is breathtaking!

The sunsets at Tilal Liwa are tremendous and the garden glow in the afternoon light is really something. Staycation Guide to Abu Dhabi Staycation Guide to Abu Staycation Guide to Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi / Liwa City / Madinat Zayed 

I'm an adventurer at heart, so every morning after a big buffet breakfast served in the Al Badiya Restaurant I made hubby take me out exploring, and we took several brilliant road trips to the city Liwa!

The city is old-world, and the landscape with vast amounts of greenery and rows upon rows of date palms and rolling dunes takes you a million miles away from the big city of Dubai. The Desert scapes are breathtaking, and we were lucky enough to get fantastic stormy weather for a few of the days away - Look how cinematic the view looks with the glorious skies!!! Staycation Guide to Abu Dhabi Staycation Guide to Abu Dhabi Staycation Guide to Abu Dhabi

We have visited Tilal Liwa several times since moving to Dubai, but this trip felt a little different. 

This time around we booked a ground floor pool room with a terrace that opened directly onto the infinity pool, we thought this room would be an upgrade from the standard rooms that the hotel has to offer and we paid extra for the privilege. The room, however, was the same in decoration to all rooms and wasn't even spruced up for our arrival like on our previous trips (so not petals on the bed or any welcome fruit basket etc.)  

I must say that the constant leaking of the overflow pipe just outside our room onto our terrace was pretty annoying and even after several trips to reception this problem was never ultimately fixed nor were we offered an alternative;

With that said we didn't let the constant noise detract from the overall stay, and we did have a lovely time; 

I would still recommend Tilal Liwa for a short trip as the experience and sites are well worth it! but consider your room choice carefully (maybe Garden terrace would have been a better idea) Staycation Guide to Abu Dhabi

Extremely excited for our next holiday which is already booked! Going back to England for a short but well-needed visit home, so please do come back to see our future adventures!

Love to hear about upcoming staycations and do you have any recommendations for perfect staycation here in the UAE?


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