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Winter, especially Christmas is my most favourites time of the year, but for the past three years, we have celebrated our Christmases in the warmth of the UAE desert. But this year we decided to do something extra special and go home to spend Christmas in England!

I cannot say we haven't enjoyed doing XMAS summer Dubai style and have found the novelty of warm sunshine on Christmas day pretty fun and the  opposite of what we have grown up experiencing  (UK winter although mild are still generally bleak) 

Every year we have made an effort in creating a little Christmas all of our own decorating our tree with palm tree decorations and usually visiting the beach then onto a fancy restaurant for a lavish Xmas brunch.

Although being away from family at this time of year is extremely difficult (the pitfalls of being an expat) we do still try to enjoy it, and the UAE is very accommodating to us with e
verywhere you turn you'll find beautiful Xmas trees and decorations, but nothing can beat being in your home country hopefully cold and snug and surrounded by Family.

So grateful that this year we decided to do something extra special and book a flight home for Christmas to spend it in England for the first time in three years and were elated!! 
We spent the countdown finishing off the gift shopping and with our suitcases packed to the brim with gifts and our furbaby safely in Kennels, we were on our way home. 

Seems unreal that we are now back home, tucked up in our English bed on this chilly Christmas Eve, just in time for Christmas 2018!

www.ourdubailife.com An Expat Story | Going Home For Christmas 2018


I want to wish you all a fantastic holiday and here's to driving home for Christmas (Chris Rea playing on the radio) and spending time with your loved ones!

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