Unicorn Xmas Tree

Kawaii White Christmas with magical Unicorn baubles

As a child born in the eighties, colourful plastic toys (think My Little Pony, Carebears and Rainbow Brite) have always been an obsession of mine! So why not at the most fun time of year, go crazy and let my inner child take charge and create a Christmas tree that an eighties kid would go crazy for!

I've never ventured into the world of Pink or White Christmas tree's and stuck to the traditional green, but for 2018 that all changed and we purchased our very first white tree and stocked up on loads of amazing decorations from TYPO and Paperchase (full haul below) 

With the help of my very supporting hubby, we created a masterpiece and without further ado, let me introduce you to my very own UNICORN magical Christmas Tree 

Pretty White Christmas Tree with magical Unicorn baubles

PPretty White Christmas Tree with magical Unicorn baubles
Pretty White Christmas Tree with magical Unicorn baubles

To create this magical tree we used pink, purple and blue ribbon, pastel multi-coloured fairy lights, sparkly star garlands, kawaii coloured candy canes, Tokidoki Unicorno's alongside colourful glass baubles with masses of Unicorn and Macaroon declarations.

To top it all off, on top of the tree sits a Giant unicorn in full glory!

Kawaii Christmas Tree with magical Unicorn baubles

I think you'll agree, our tree is Kitsche but not distasteful and far too pretty to take down, so may have to stay up until next Christmas! 

And now all my special luxury gift boxes have been placed under the tree, I'm even more excited!! 

This year we're having double Christmas decorations, so we have this fun rainbowy Unicorn tree here in Dubai and back in England were be having a special wintery wonderland tree, which will be masterfully decorated by my amazing mum. 

The theme will be a complete surprise until we walk through the door,  so very excited!! 

White pretty Christmas Tree with LV shopping bags

I'm thrilled with how our Dubai tree turned out and here's a closer look at the mega Christmas decoration haul (which looks like something out of my 80's / 90's childhood) 

Kawaii Christmas decorations Unicorn baubles

Hope you enjoyed a look at our tree and let me wish you all a MAGICAL holiday and New Year!

Did anyone else decide to go crazy this year with their XMAS tree? I'd love to see!


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