GUCCI 2020 Cosmetic / Makeup Reveal

GUCCI COSMETICS POWDER Flatlay. Lipsticks, powder and bronzer

I remember back in November 2014 when Gucci initially launched their beauty line, I liked the collection but with it generic dark packaging and large GG logo's it fell short and merged in with the plethora of similar-looking beauty lines.

Then one day the line completely disappeared, and we all forgot that Gucci ever had a cosmetic line;

Roll onto the summer of 2020 and BOOM the new and improved GUCCI cosmetic line was launched! 

As soon as I saw the pastel pink powder compacts cropping up on the internet, I fell instantly in love. Fickle I know but the soft pastel hues and vintage 50's packaging made me need to get my hands on the collection to add to my dressing room table. 

GUCCI COSMETICS POWDER dressing table display.

Gucci cosmetic reveal.

The new collection is must-have for us, lux lovers for the LOOK alone, but is the makeup line more than just beautiful, is it usable?

I grabbed all the essential pieces from the NEW & much-approved makeup/cosmetic line from Bloomingdale's store here in Dubai, which is also available in all Gucci boutiques and here are my thoughts on the pieces that I picked up.

Poudre De Beauté Mat Naturel Powder - Shade 03

Poudre De Beauté Mat Naturel Powder - Shade 03

I can confirm the powder is excellent, not only good looking this powder is more than a trophy wife, its makeup bag staple. 

The formula is soft and blendable and leaves no caking. The powder melts over your foundation, to soak up excess oil to provides a mattifying effect. I like to flit between this and YSL All Hours Setting Powder and find them comparable in the finish. 

Poudre De Beauté Éclat Soleil Powder - Shade 01

Gucci turquoise bronzer. Poudre De Beauté Éclat Soleil Powder.
Gucci turquoise bronzer. Poudre De Beauté Éclat Soleil Powder.

Even though I live in Dubai, my European skin cannot take any darker than the shade 01 or 02; I went with 01 as felt this tone was natural enough and could be built upon for a subtle look;

I chose right thankfully, and the soft buttery powder bronzer in 01 is the right shade for me. I like how it can be built upon to go from a light application to provide a sunkissed glow to a heavier application for more of an impactful look. I like the undertone and find it natural opposed to a dirty OR muddy shade you can get from some of the lux bronzers out there in the market. 

The stunning turquoise compact case and embossed product design are almost at too pretty to use, but if you do dare, you will not be disappointed with the effect. 

Mascara L'Obscue - Shade Black

Gucci Mascara L'Obscur flatlay

Currently only available in shade black, this mascara with a real brush (not plastic bristles) is a lash lifting buildable mascara. The formula is longlasting and does not smudge or flake, even after a full days use. 

I personally take off the excess before application for an everyday look or use as is, for a more dramatic evening look. 

I also want to talk about the advertising for this mascara, the campaign focused primarily on the singer Danni Millers purposefully heavy built-up spider lashes and divided the crowd. I loved the aesthetic of the vintage vogue ad shot by the legendary Martin Parr Studios, with the models twiggy '60s lashes the focus. The ad campaign against the overtly feminine packaging was a clever juxtaposition that makes the GUCCI cosmetic line stand out in a frankly oversaturated luxury makeup space. 

Rouge à Lèvres Lipsticks

Gucci 2020 lipsticks

The range of lipsticks shades are amazing, and each case is phenomenal. Available in several formulas, I picked up one of each of the following types as a starting point > Satin / Matte & Balm. 

Again the ad campaign for the lipsticks, which showed a closeup of the models perfectly imperfect teeth caused more of a reaction than the mascara campaign. The ad is difficult, but only as we're used to seeing airbrushed perfection, the raw and unique GUCCI beauty campaign embraces the human quirks and differences, and I think it's perfect. 

Rouge à Lèvres Mat Lipstick - Shade 201 : The Painted Veil  

Gucci lipstick 2020 - Rouge à Lèvres Mat Lipstick The Painted Veil

The golden lipstick case with vintage turned line design is amazing, and the soft velvety matte finish of this lipstick is excellent. 

The application with full coverage is longlasting, and I particularly like the shade 201 The painted Veil. Mattes are my preferred formula for lipsticks, and I'll be picking up a few more shades from the matt collection range shortly. 

Rouge à Lèvres Satin Lipstick - Shade 103 : Carol Beige

Gucci lipstick 2020 Rouge à Lèvres Satin Lipstick - Shade 103 : Carol Beige

Shade 103 Carol Beige is a perfect nude shade with a subtle sheen. Again this lipstick is longlasting and easy to apply and the fancy golden lipstick case, in turned design is stunning. 

Baume à Lèvres - Shade 3 : Renè Pink 

Gucci lipstick 2020 Baume à Lèvres - Shade 3 : Renè Pink

This balm is hydrating and offers a subtle hint of a sheer shade. I don't generally buy tinted balms and tend to stick to transparent, however, I could not resist this gorgeous red shade against the minimal bakelite style turquoise case. 

Although the name suggests pink, I found the colour to be more of red shade and reminiscent of a glamorous nan shade.

Gucci Lipstick 2020 flatlay

Powder Eyebrow pencil Crayon Poudre Sourcils - Blond 

Blonde eyebrow pencils are incredibly challenging to find, and most brands stick to producing a weird TAUPE shade for their fairer audience, which did not suit my once almost invisible brows. When I saw the pencil from this range, I thought I would give it a go, and am pleasantly surprised.

I had my eyebrows micro bladed last year and now love the shape and colour they are now right now and was looking for an eyebrow pencil to define the arch and tail slightly, and this shade is great for that. This is now 100% my go-to brow pencil and is an excellent colour match for my blonde brows, the pencil is easy to use and has a soft creamy texture blends easily and comes with a pretty pink sharpener so well worth the price. 

Vernis à Ongles Nail Polish - Shades: 713 Dorothy Turquoise & 212 Annabel Rose 

Gucci 2020 nailpolish Dorothy Turquoise & Annabel Rose

Last but not least, the Gucci nail polish. I only really buy Chanel nail polish, so I was keen to see if the coverage and ease of application were comparable. 

The bottles are gorgeous, in a heavy glass bottle and pink tops and come with 10ml of product. Coverage is good and takes two layers to really pop with an ultra-shiny finish. The brush is a good size to coat the nail, and the application is effortless, with little mess. This is a good quality nail polish, and with a good, topcoat are longlasting and cannot wait to add the other three shades to my collection.

713 Dorothy Turquoise

A stunning tiffany blue shade, I cannot get enough of this colour and is my favourite from their range of nail polishes. 

212 Annabel Rose 

This shade is a soft pink hue and looks amazing paired with Dorothy Turquoise to create a stunning pastel manicure. 

Gucci 2020 nailpolish flatlay Dorothy Turquoise & Annabel Rose

I'm very impressed with the new GUCCI cosmetic line, not only do the pieces look and smell amazing, they are now firm staples in my luxury makeup bag for years to come. 

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Gucci Pink bag and Gucci 2020 makeup

I would love to hear your thoughts on the new GUCCI makeup range, and if you any recommendations of any pieces I have not yet picked up from this line, please do let me know :D 

Speak Soon 


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