LV Cruise 2021 Collection Game On : My Thoughts

Louis Vuitton Cruise 2021 playing cards

Ever since the anticipated Louis Vuitton cruise 2021 collection pre-view hit the internet, my heart skipped a beat! There is something quite alluring with Nicolas Ghesquière new playful cruise collection "Game On."

I'm usually not that keen on cruise or resort collections and tend to stick to classics aside from the  LV XMAS animationbut there is something with this inter-season line. 

Quite similar in design to the Multicolored Monogram which made its debut on the runway at the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2003 and was an instant hit, the 2021 Cruise collection with Alice in Wonderland vibes, will more than likely follow suit. 

I understand this collection will not be to everyone's taste, but there are some key pieces, which will be super desirable, and are my top picks:

The HEART bag - Swooooon 

Let's start with this bag which is my personal favourite from the collection. I would say this one fits more into the category of a classic monogram handbag.  

What I mean by this is the canvas is a standard monogram not multicoloured and the only link to the underlying playing card themes running through all of this collection, is the unassuming tiny heart emblem in the top left-hand corner. 

Louis Vuitton Cruise 2021 Heart Handbag Monogram Canvas

The bag is reminiscent of the Boite Chapeau Souple and from the released images appears to have the same style non-removable strap and a double zipper. I'm interested to see if the bag is structured enough to stand as a heart on its own and if the double zipper has any impact on the ease of use of this bag?

We will find out shortly, as I was lucky enough to have been able to pre-order and will do a review as soon as this new beautiful bag arrives here in Dubai.

Review to follow shortly 

Pochette Kirigami 

The Kirigami is a three-piece pochette set which comprises of different sized canvas envelopes which fit inside each other. The set consists of of a large-sized pochette which can hold items such as an iPad or notebook, a medium-sized pouch for things such as passport or keys and a smaller one like a wallet can fit cards, notes or coins.

Louis Vuitton Cruise 2021 Pochette Kirigami

The Pochette Kirigami is always a popular piece even in monogram canvas. Still, I think this colourway with two-pieces in the black and heart, print and small white envelope will be a huge hit and will even rarer than the standard monogram print.

Vanity PM 

I think the Vanity PM handbag alongside the heart handbag is going to the most sought after bags from the 2021 cruise collection.

Louis Vuitton Cruise 2021 Black Vanity PM

The Vanity PM is one of the newer handbags from Louis Vuitton and released Spring-Summer 2020. The bag is an update of the Nice vanity and features a new gorgeous leather chain strap. The shape and design I think look amazing against the latest cruise printed canvas and believe it's available I both black and white colourways. 

The Dauphine 

I adore my Louis Vuitton DAUPHINE MM from the SS19 collection. This bag is a classic and love how different it looks with the new "Game On" print. 

The shape and whimsy with boxy shape really lend itself to the Alice in Wonderland vibe the best from all other bags from this collection.  

Louis Vuitton Cruise 2021 Dauphine White Canvas

The black trim and white print with pops of blue motifs and red hearts really stand out and think this one is a real show stopper!

Petite Malle 

The Petite Malle handbag is based on the fashion houses steamer trunk is always sought after tiny bag with a big personality barely big enough to fit a lipstick and wallet this bag is most difficulty a collector's piece even in general terms.

Louis Vuitton Cruise 2021 Petit Malle Black canvas

The gorgeous cruise black print works so well on this tiny covetable "little trunk." So if your a Petite Malle collector or looking for a rare sought after piece from this collection you may want to consider adding this one into your collection. 

There are so many unique pieces for the 2021 cruise collection and think this collection will divide the LV lovers out there. I'm a fan and love the pieces I picked out above and cannot wait to get my hand on the heart bag - review to come soon. 

Love to hear your thoughts on this collection and if you have your eye on any piece before this sell collection drops Early November 2020 

Speak Soon 


NOTE > All images owned by Louis Vuitton 

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