GUCCI Marmont Reveal | Special Birthday Haul

GUCCI MARMONT black camera bag unboxing

Being a New Years baby, while most people are nursing themselves back to life, I'm extra busy opening BIRTHDAY PRESENTS and this year was a GUCCI fest!! 

We spent new years eve on a flight back home to Dubai after an extraordinary XMAS in England and to top off the unbelievable trip home, the #besthubbyever whisked me off to the Heathrow GUCCI boutique for a Birthday spree!

The Gucci airport boutique was terrific really well stocked with all the main collections, and the sales assistants were excellent and not overbearing (which I cannot stand). This enabled me to browse the store and pick up all the items remaining on my wishlist, which let's be honest, after the Christmas I had, was not much all!!!

As you know from my handbag collection post, I prefer classic shape structured bags in black, brown and nude colour palettes, this is why the Marmont range fits my style perfectly. The Marmont line has been everywhere since its release in 2016 and has re-invigorated the brand, propelling the fashion house back into cult status. I refrained from indulging until the initial hype had cooled down, but could no longer resist and recently fell head over heels ...

GUCCI MARMONT black camera bag reveal

I cannot praise the #besthubby enough, and thanks to this spectacular man, my 2018 ended with a BIG BANG and a ton of pink GUCCI gift bags to stare at all the way home!


As soon as I walked in and saw the Marmont bags sitting prettily on the shelves, I fell for the black GG Marmont small matelassé. The shape, which is generally described as a camera bags a great size, and will be a perfect everyday crossbody bag (not something I currently own in my collection)

GUCCI MARMONT black camera bag

I did try on the Pink version of this bag but found the shade more of a mauve, and as I already own the most perfect Pink GUCCI bag it made no sense to get another, so I stayed true to my gut choice of the classic black.

I'm over the moon with this present and think she's really spectacular!

GUCCI MARMONT black camera bag unboxing

GUCCI MARMONT black camera bag back

Next on the list was the leather mid-heel sandals, these have been in my wishlist for a long time and after trying them on in-store, glad to report that these babies came home with me!

GUCCI MARMONT black sandals

GUCCI MARMONT black sandal shoes

GUCCI MARMONT black sandals

The block heels are pretty comfortable and the heel height perfect, especially for a girl of 5'8. I love that these sandals are understated but paired with my new bag, look chic and classy.


The coveted Leather belt with Double G buckle in smooth leather and mid-size GG's was temptingly sat near the counter and caught my eye immediately. After trying it on, this was also added to the PINK GIFT BAG!

I love the cinched effect, and this is a striking statement piece elevates even the most basic of outfits as I'll be wearing mine as a high waist belt over shirts, I opted for the mid-size GG's to stand out and make my outfits pop.

GUCCI black belt with gold large buckle

GUCCI black belt with gold large buckle

GUCCI black belt with gold large buckle

I'll be making a post shortly about how 'I style this belt' / My Gucci heel review & 'What's in my new bag' so please look out for these, in the coming month.

After what felt like a sprint around the store, the spree came to an end and with a from grin ear to ear, the smile didn't disappear until we boarded the plane and after a few tears, we were travelling back home to Dubai.

After arriving home and unpacking, I finally got to lay out all my goodies and admire my new Marmot beauties alongside my Louis Vuitton Xmas presents!!

Designer Bag Collection

What an end to the year and here's too fantastic NEW YEAR 2019!


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